Dear Ms Lois,


After all these years of being taught by you, I have truly come to appreciate playing the piano, whether I am great at it or not. Since 3rd grade, you have patiently sat with me (Kevin too) as I finished, though slowly, several books. I have grown to really love and appreciate the piano and the music that is produced. Thank you for the once in a lifetime experience. I am writing to you to say that I will not be returning for piano lessons. The reason being is I am near senior year and college applications are just around the corner, in faIl. I will still continue to practice and even learn from Kevin! Thank you for all your dedication because you have made a huge impact on my life.





Dear Lois,

I’ve listened to your CDs and they are both exquisitely beautiful. The hymns are lovely, the instrumentation interesting, and the keyboards expressive. The spirituals are beyond beautiful—heart-stopping, really— rich with passionate yearning, anguish, tenderness. This is a masterpiece, in my opinion. Thank you so much for sharing these with me, and congratulations on a remarkable musical tribute to the heritage of spiritual music. 


Very best wishes,

Carla Bartlett

The anniversary concert series continued yesterday afternoon in spectacular fashion.  Dr. Ruth Bass Green took us on a musical journey, chronicling events in her life seen through the prism of music.  She was ably assisted by some of her students, son, granddaughter, colleagues and her “village”.  Thank you and congratulations to Dr. Bass Green for a memorable concert.”


Statement from Jeanne Murchison.